the story so far

My Story
Let me start by introducing myself I’m Samantha Wilkinson and I am the owner of So Lovely Weddings, previously known as Owl and Pussycat creations. I started the business in 2015 now it was just hobby something to spend my spare time on. I had always loved crafts and making things for my friends and family. As I started to share my work with friends and colleagues they encouraged me to start selling through Facebook. It wasn’t long before people I did not know were contacting me asking me to make them things mainly for weddings. At this time, I started to see the potential in what I was doing, I have always wanted to work for myself but was never been sure of what I wanted to do. My Husband saw how much attention my makes were getting and convinced me to go for it and believe I could do something with this he offered to buy me equipment so that I could try and take it up a notch and started doing some bits with me. I started to make more and more wedding items and attended our first wedding fayre the reception we got was overwhelming, we soon realised that no one was making the items we did. The orders kept on coming and the range was growing and I was soon spending all my free time on the business. It was now time to make the biggest decision I have ever had to face, leave my job as a visual merchandiser for a high street clothes store a job I loved and had been in since I left collage at the age of 18, or give all the security of a job up and concentrate on my business full time. Endless days of talking it through with my husband and I decided this was too good an opportunity to miss, it was my dream after all of working for my self. So on Christmas eve 2015 I handed in my notice in. Now it was time for the hard work to begin I started to develop lots more items invest in new equipment and decided to change my business name to what we have today So Lovely weddings, I also decided to open a second shop for all my none wedding items So Lovely gifts and décor And with a little bit of luck and lots of determination and long hours the orders kept on coming in and we had an amazing year. We have become so busy that I can no longer work from home so Christmas 2016 we signed a lease on a shop in our local town centre. We are now doubly busy turning the shop in to Mansfield’s local one stop wedding shop and I have a new massive two room studio to work from. The shop floor is a space for local suppliers to get themselves seen and noticed I still have so much I want to do with so lovely weddings and I’m bursting with new ideas its now all about managing my time to be able to make them so watch this space I also want develop a range of greetings cards. We have also just won our first award in the 2017 wedding industry awards